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Group prices

To arrange a larger workshop or a series of workshops, please contact me directly 052-3903306.

For a pleasant atmosphere at events, hotels and restaurants or a full concert on stage or in private homes. I adapt the program for every audience, choosing from the wide repertoire I’ve acquired through years of performing – from the classics of Broadway to Israeli songs, from jazz and pop to improvisation and original compositions.

קרה אהרן פסנתרנית

Enjoy America without leaving Israel

Dreaming of Broadway

The talented singer Toby Tabak and I take you on a trip from the theaters of Broadway, through the jazz clubs of New Orleans to Disney studios, singing the hits from yesterday and today in two shows.

Dreaming of Broadway

Toby and Kara in the Movies

By popular request we added a show for the whole family, with everyone’s favorite songs from Disney and other children’s movies from yesterday and today. With costumes and props, children join the show and parents can sit back and enjoy.

Bagels and Broadway

A unique cooperation to give you an multi-sensory experience

“Lehem Zeh – Collaborative Bread Workshop” is a new social venture that grew out of Ariel Pollock-Star’s desire to bring people together around bread. They have three aims – to support local food businesses, to connect local communities around bread and baking, and to bring international tourism to Yeruham to see a different side of Israel.

Together, we are creating what we believe to be an entirely new experience in the Negev, the opportunity to get a real taste of American cuisine and culture, in a place where it hasn’t really been showcased before. 

Kosher under Rabinic supervision



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