Movies as a teaching tool

Whether you’re in the classroom or online, there are a lot of great ways to use movies in your English lesson. And right now, when no one knows where they’ll be teaching tomorrow, it’s especially important to have flexible lesson plans ready.

Visual clips

DIY and craft clips, just like visual activities in class, are a good way to expose students to English without the need for translation, since they can see what’s being said. Here’s one I made explaining how to build a musical instrument out of household items. Just search for “DIY” on YouTube to find more.

Silent films

This is one of my favorites, along with the Pink Panther and Mr. Bean. These are some of the ways I use them:

  • Have students dub the words.
  • Hand out words or sentences before the film – students stand up when their word or sentence matches the action on the screen.
  • After the film – write words or sentences describing what they saw.
  • Charades – act out scenes from the film and guess.

DIY – Do it yourself

After you’ve watched some DIY and other genres, have students make their own movies. Encourage them to be creative and talk about their hobbies and skills. These videos made by my students will give you some ideas.

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